Redweb is currently in the process of re-branding as Pixlbox - we're busy working on the new Pixlbox website and hope to have this completed in the next few months.

Our forte is developing custom websites and apps to meet the exact requirements of your business or entrepreneurial venture. At Redweb the lead developer is Carlin Archer, a long time web veteran who has been developing websites and online applications since 1998 - that’s over 20 years experience. The lead designer is Vaughan Thompson, an award winning app and website designer.


Content Management Systems

Content management system gives you the control to update your own website. Redweb can customise an existing CMS for you or develop a custom CMS to meet your specific needs.

Our preferred CMS is Umbraco - it works well under high traffic levels and is highly customisable. If you've outgrown your Wordpress Website, we'll be happy to help convert it to a robust, fast and customisable Umbraco site.


Experienced Web Programmers

When you work with Redweb you are working with experienced web programmers who have many years of hands-on industry experience.


Facebook and Social Media Integration

We are experts at integrating your website with social media including Facebook and Twitter. We can also develop Facebook specific applications or mobile applications that link to Facebook.


Database Design & Development

Our database developers are highly skilled at creating scalable Microsoft SQL Server databases which can link to your website development project or online software.


Website Project Management and Architecture

If you're planning a large scale website development project we can work with your company to ensure the process runs smoothly from beginning to end. We can assist with all web related decisions by offering years of expertise in web system architecture.


Online shops / Ecommerce Websites

Developing e-commerce / online stores is an area where we have extensive experience. We can connect your website to payment gateways in New Zealand or global providers such as PayPal or Google Store.

See for more information about our ecommerce system.


Microsoft ASP.NET Programmers/Web Developers - MVC, ASP.NET

Do you need to work with a Christchurch based Microsoft ASP.NET web developer for contract web development work? We can offer to help with short term contracts on an hourly basis.


iPhone / Android / Windows Phone Applications

We have experience building phone apps for the three main platforms - iPhone, Android and the Windows Phone.


Prototypes / Proof of concept / Minimum Viable Product

If you’re wanting to built a prototype of an online application or mobile application, we can help. We have experience in rapidly developing proof of concept applications that are functional, but without the final detail of a market ready application.

This service can be especially useful for start-up ventures who would like to create a working prototype of their idea to take to investors or conduct internal apha/beta testing on.


Vaughan Thompson (Designer) and Carlin Archer (Developer)

Vaughan Thompson (Designer) and Carlin Archer (Developer)

Testimonial - Steve Thomas"Carlin was presented a series of difficult and somewhat intricate workings to a rebuild on our existing web site that was originally built 14 years ago. Carlin came through shining with his solutions and eventual end product for us. He has now become my right hand man and I would be completely lost without his knowledge, work ethic and his wonderful ability to get the job done on time. I have no hesitation in recommending Carlin for any small or large project.” 
Steve Thomas MD,

"Carlin and Redweb = truly amazing. Carlin built a complete site with database and many other features while we were 15000 km apart! Very professional and reliable. Good work - I reccomend him to all.” 
Rhein Britz , General Manager at AYTB (Saudi Arabia)

"I am constantly impressed with the quality of work Carlin has produced, and with the breadth and depth of his experience and work expertise. He is a visionary strategic thinker with a talent for implementing his designs in an effective and timely manner.” 
Iain Sanders, Managing Director at Design for Innovation

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