Following is a small selection of our recent web design and development work. - Private property sales tool

We designed and developed for an Auckland based company, Open Property Services Limited. The brief was to build a website that would make it easy for people wanting to sell their home privately by providing an easy to use system for listing a property, running open homes and taking offers.

The system includes a mobile friendly front end website along with a back end administration system.

  • Responsive (mobile friendly) website.
  • Administration systeml
  • Hosted on the Azure hosting platform.
  • Production and Test versions of the system for easy testing and deployment.
  • Developed using .NET Core 2.0
  • MS Azure SQL Server databasel

TransDiesel Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is an online ordering system for TransDiesel's customer base. We built a powerful yet easy to use purchasing portal that synchronizes with their Microsoft Dynamics AX business system through a secure API.

The web database is optimized to support searching through thousands of products and the uploading of large lists of required parts.

We provide ongoing support and upgrades, allowing the system to grow with TransDiesel's changing requirements. 

  • Online ordering system.
  • UX (user experience) optimization.
  • Linked to back-office Microsoft Dynamics server via secure API.
  • Hosted on Azure.
  • MS Azure SQL Server database.
  • Developed in ASP.NET MVC

Nutrient Rescue (Christchurch)

Nutrient Rescue is a Christchurch based company founded by Michael Mayell (founder of Cookie Time). It is a social enterprise with a mission to help New Zealanders become the healthiest, most energetic people on the planet.

They offer plant based powders via an online shop including a monthly subscription system to make it easy for people to automatically renew their order.

  • Mobile friendly / responsive web site.
  • Custom .NET website design and development.
  • Fully custom online shop and administration system.
  • Subscription system.
  • Affiliate system.
  • Database design and development.
  • Blogging system.
  • Payment gateway integration.

TransDiesel is New Zealand's leading supplier of construction equipment. They needed a fast and flexible database linked to their large set of products and the ability to easily and quickly update key parts of the website.

Digital marketing is a big piece of TransDiesel's focus and they wanted a digital partner that could over technical expertise, great designs and robust service.

  • Website design and development.
  • Fully custom built administration system.
  • Product catalogue.
  • Integration with Dynamics AX stock system.
  • Online database design and development.
  • MS SQL Server.

Attorneys Website & Database

We were tasked to re-develop South Africa's top ranking attorneys / legal directory website. The re-development had to take into account a full import of the data from the existing database and ensure the website url's complete matched the legacy website.

Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the success of the website. We had to work carefully with our client to ensure everything functioned optimally in this ara.

  • Website design and development.
  • Fully custom built administration system.
  • Online database design and development.
  • MS SQL Server.
  • Search Engine Optimization.

EcoFinLab Economic Calendar

A highly detailed financial events monitoring system and large scale back-end (administration) management system developed from the ground up by our team. The system was developed to make the most of the Azure hosting platform and it's various services.

  • Website development.
  • Online database design and development.
  • Fully custom back end administration system.
  • Azure cloud hosting and multi-system integration.
  • Multiple MS SQL Server Databases.

Transdiesel Spare Parts Online Search

For Transdiesel we integrated with their offline used parts system, creating a daily feed through to an online Microsoft SQL Server database. The front end user interface includes custom built search functionality. The website was developed with a ‘responsive design’ allowing it to scale easily between desktop and mobile devices without the need for mobile specific application.

The system was built to scale under heavy usage and to allow for easy maintenance and upgrades. The technology used to custom build this project was ASP.NET MVC. We worked to keep the project within the tight budget and delivered on time and with the full functionality requested.

  • Website design and development
  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • Integration with offline spare parts system
  • Online database design and development
  • MS SQL Server.

Brewista (Christchurch)

Brewista is a one page marketing website designed and developed for Vivace Espresso, a Christchurch based coffee roastery. The website is linked to a content management system (cms) to give Vivace full control of the text and images.

  • Microsite: one page website.
  • Extremely mobile friendly / responsive web site.
  • Website design and development.
  • Diagrams / pictorials.
  • Custom design.
  • Content management system.

Lucia Natural Skin Care (NZ) Online Shop

Lucia skincare sell natural skin products via an online shop. 

  • Website design and development
  • Online shopping solution
  • Simple to use administration system
  • Product catalogue
  • ASP.NET MVC system
  • MS SQL database 
  • Hosted in a secure Azure data center.
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